Empowered employees deliver the best customer experience

We all know that creating a great customer experience is one the most effective tools when it comes to creating new and long-lived business relationships. So, how do you define the best customer experience? What added values do you fill these four words with?

Most IT businesses try to market one of two things; cost save or technology that delivers efficiency. We at ELITS have our take on it; by empowering our employees and striving for a great corporate culture, we deliver the best customer experience. ELITS founder and CINO Fredrik Sjöstedt has always said…

"I believe that it must be possible to create a profitable company with a long-term focus, committed to quality in delivery and customer satisfaction. A company driven by the force of values and culture rather than quarterly profits."

It´s very easy for any company to adopt a tagline or produce marketing that promises a great customer experience and satisfaction. But how do you move an entire organisation from the promise of such a value, to actually delivering it. As Steve Jobs famously said:

“You´ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology - not the other way around.”

Yes, Apple is a hardware-focused company, but the words apply to any business having any form of relationship with a customer. Meaning all corporations. That is why all business and innovation at ELITS first pass through our core values; Local, Trust, Flexible and Responsive.

Local: We believe in building strong, lasting relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and communities. A key component in this is by being present and available, working locally with our customers. This allows us to deliver true value and quality of work directly to the people around us.

Trust:  We are honest and transparent externally and internally, always acting in our customers best interest. This is demonstrated by always delivering on our promises and providing an environment of trust and personal growth.

Flexible: We strive to find creative ways to get things done, and constantly want to improve – As individuals and as an organisation.

Responsive: We encourage creativity and embrace change, generating innovative solutions to changing business environments. By taking initiative and seeking simplicity we create, adapt and continuously enhance tools and processes for out customers. We make the effort to understand our customers and adapt our services to meet those needs.

Company values are the basis and provide a solid foundation for everyone to progress from. But how do you shift from words to action? At ELITS the solution is simple, we empower our employees. There is only one unremitting truth in business; change is constant. We at ELITS understand change, and we have made it our mission to come to grip with what is needed for our customers to be successful in an ever-changing market situation. Whether customers are experiencing increased competitive pressure or shifting markets conditions they need to have the ability, capability and solutions in place to act quickly and decisively. This is what our employees are experts at, making a sustainable difference for the customer and have the courage and mandate to do so. Our consultants understand that business and IT are just two sides of the same coin and therefore always implement efficient, flexible and innovative solutions. ELITS´ success lies within the fact that we, as a team together with our clients, dare to push the envelope and come up with inspiring, useful and business oriented solutions.

We mentioned courage previously, that is a tough one. Because courage is hard to describe. How do you evoke courage in yourself, in your day-to-day work and make it a part of doing business? We at Elits have our take on it; we explore courage by listening to others, explaining our services in an uncomplicated fashion and stepping out of the comfort zone. We have the courage to be open-minded and suggest solutions that we know are the best for our clients. This makes us different from our competitors. This transforms us into an IT-provider that is flexible, responsive and accommodating.

ELITS – Another kind of IT.