To recognise those people at ELITS who goes the extra mile we have established the Employee of the Year Award.

There is only one unremitting truth in business; change is constant. We at ELITS understand change, and we have made it our mission to come to grip with what is needed for our customers to be successful in an ever-changing market situation.

This is what our employees are experts at, and our consultants understand that business and IT are just two sides of the same coin and therefore always implement efficient, flexible, and innovative solutions. ELITS´ success lies within the fact that we, as a team together with our clients, dare to push the envelope and come up with inspiring, useful, and business-oriented solutions.

To recognize those people at ELITS who go the extra mile we have established the Employee of the Year award. The recipient of this award is selected on the following criterias:

Essential criteria
All nominees share a sense of pride over our culture and live act by our values in their daily work. They confirm the importance of commitment, cooperation, motivation, and creativity.

Other criteria

  • Inspire others to work collaboratively and creatively.
  • A consistent spirit of teamwork and cooperation.
  • Promote a work environment that is respectful, collegial, and supportive.
  • Contribute and inspire others to create a positive culture within the group and ELITS

Congratulations to Robert Lie Nilsson, the winner of Employee of the Year 2020!

Robert is dedicated, genuin and engaged. Robert is a golden key in the assignment, for his colleagues and for ELITS. This is a recognition of Robert Lie Nilssons outstanding performance, superior dedication and positive attitude and extraordinary job throughout the past year. Robert brings dedication and innovation to our business and ensures to make a positive difference every day. Robert is a true team player and we appreciate all your hard work! Our warmest thanks to you and all you do!