DevOps made easy with ELITS cloud solutions

As the world around us get more and more connected and predictions estimate that 28 billion things might be connected to the internet by 2020, it´s not farfetched to conclude that more businesses will have to add software and application development to their business agenda. As Goldman Sachs states in one of their research reports ”The global industrial sector is poised to undergo a fundamental structural change akin to the industrial revolution as we usher in the IoT. Equipment is becoming more digitised and more connected, establishing networks between machines, humans, and the Internet, leading to the creation of new ecosystems that enable greater productivity, efficiency, and higher profitability.”

So as more and more companies enter the SaaS business, how do you leverage the software and application development side of the business by creating something that delivers faster time to market and quality of work? Que DevOps, a new way of looking at the development process. No wait, let´s not even refer to it as a process, because it´s more of a mindset or an evolutionary step away from traditional code writing and integration. The growth in DevOps also correlates with the increased transition to Agile methodologies, as DevOps and Agile go hand in hand. Many organisations struggle with breaking down walls between departments and increase the flow of communication. From a DevOps perspective nothing stands out as more important, to get people talking. So what is DevOps?

‘‘with ELITS cloud solutions delivery of new application environments for DevOps which used to take weeks, now take a few minutes.’’

Dev-Ops according to ELITS
DevOps is the task merger of the application development and system operations teams, within a company. The approach seeks to combine application development and deployment resulting in a more streamlined performance. The goal, of course is to create a competitive advantage in reducing the time-to Market and better quality software. But what this boils down to is a tighter knit between the resources consuming the infrastructure and those who support it.

Dev-Ops vs. Release Management
It is important to distinguish the differences between DevOps and Release Management. DevOps empowers the development side with insights into the operations, allowing applications to respond to scalability requirements more quickly, and with more flexibility. It provides visibility into the deployment environment and ties together continuous integration, automation and numerous other disciplines. The Release Management differ in the sense that its a defined as a process where the developers “ask-wait-get” and don’t have direct access to the required infrastructure without passing the operations department. DevOps is a mutually beneficial arrangement: knowing what is going on in development benefits operations, and likewise, knowing what´s going on i operations benefits development. This knowledge sharing leads to faster resolve in issues that arise. The different clusters of people are enabled to communicate in a more efficient manner, and more important identify problems when and where they occur. This in turn reduces friction between development and operation of the application. The third part of this is adding the feedback loop from the consumer/customer for product improvements, that in the end will create true customer value. So what is ELITS take on adding value to DevOps? We simply call it ELITS cloud solutions

ELITS cloud solutions for DevOps
With our cloud solutions you receive all the tools you need to truly implement a DevOps mindset into your organisation. The GUI allow users to set up new resources quickly and effectively. You get the tools to deploy virtual machines, and other instances, for managing an enterprise environment by the push of a button. It also makes horisontal scaling easy. This means that tasks that benefit from running simultaneously can easily serve additional or fewer users on the fly, by adapting the structure to the prevailing circumstances. Delivery of new application environments for DevOps which used to take weeks, now takes a few minutes. Implementation of various servers, storage, computing power and services i.e. databases such as MySQL are handled by a few simple clicks. ELITS cloud solutions also allow you to easily implement network topology as well as user management. You can even mix hardware with virtual servers.

One more important key aspect of our cloud solutions is the real time monitoring of your infrastructure, virtual or bare metal. Because it doesn’t matter how effective you are at structuring your environments if you don’t have the possibility to visualise and monitor all performance. A virtual infrastructure, as well a bare metal, is complicated and all parts are interconnected in a complex web which all fulfil their specific function. Network, storage, applications and servers, the challenge lies in creating an overview in all layers. This becomes extremely relevant in the instances when you have to locate an error and preserve business continuity and avoid downtime. If you don’t have the full picture, you don’t have the tools to properly do your job.

These are just some of the benefits and success factors that ELITS cloud solutions allow you to leverage:

  • Reduce friction between developers and operation
  • Real-time overview of your infrastructure
  • Faster time to market
  • Cost-Save
  • Agile
  • Broadens the role of the developer creating business efficiency

“…it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.’’

The overall objective of any company, from a technical innovation point of view, must be to provide an environment that provides the best conditions for developers to do their job and let them improve the software. This means both from a customer perspective, but also from an internal resource management perspective. What does this mean bluntly? It means improving the program code. With ELITS cloud technology we provide the solution and possibility to do just that. It gives the developers the possibility to quickly set up a development environment that exactly fits the needs of the project that they are currently working on, while at the same time keeping the cost at a minimum. The data centre also provides an effective platform for instantaneous collaboration between developers and operation, truly leveraging the power of DevOps. Increased understanding of each other’s needs and activities result in a cost efficient deployment of new releases and allows for business continuity without interruptions.

Would you like to be presented with a demo of our cloud solutions? Just give us a call and we would be proud to show you the full extent of the possibilities that comes with it. We at ELITS have ten years experience from global IT-infrastructure and have developed the tools you need to change your IT-operations into something that delivers business efficiency and innovation. Let our knowledge, become your knowledge and the road forward. Welcome to ELITS – Another kind of IT.