This isn´t a post about IT trends, innovation or outsourcing. This is a post about courage, commitment and devotion! I´m following the European Championship with great excitement, even though Sweden didn´t perform at the level I was hoping for.

If I was to make a wager before the Championship started, I would have most likely put my money on France, Germany or Spain. Or maybe even taken a “modest risk” and bet on Italy. If anyone told me to go for Iceland or even Wales, I would have laughed out loud.

ELITS is a bit like Iceland. Not that known, to be frank not known at all. We know that after conducting a brand awareness survey earlier this year. Are we proud of what we have achieved during the past ten years? Yes! 130 employees, 12 different locations around the world, working with one of the leading companies in the ICT business on a global scale, 19 different nationalities in the workforce, great results in our customer experience surveys, and the list goes on. Proud, but still with the ambition to go further. Not primarily in terms of revenue or profit, but in terms of more customer relationships, with the ambition to have the highest customer satisfaction in the business. 

I imagine that Iceland has won a lot of fans outside their borders during the last couple of weeks, based on their performance that has been broadcasted to millions of viewers. Committed fans that shared the hopes and dreams of a small island nation. There is an important lesson to be learned in all of this. Companies need fans that share the same passion and ambition for the business. So how do you turn an existing or future client into a fan? We at ELITS have our own take on it; by exceeding expectations, putting the clients’ business ahead of our own and building the best team in the industry. Unfortunately, they don´t broadcast the European Championship in IT, but if they were, I would say that ELITS is equivalent to the Icelandic team. I would welcome an opportunity to “broadcast” ELITS directly to you, and give you a huge return on your bet!

Please feel free to get in touch, if you would like to have some more info about ELITS and how we can help you excel in your IT operations. We want more fans, and we are prepared to work hard as a team to exceed expectations!

This blog post is written by Jim Johansson, Sales Consultant.